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Now the Cityscape Paintings


It is a fact of life that cities attract people. The bright lights of the nighttime cityscape, the hustle and bustle of the daytime activities, the sheer multiplicity of things to do and enjoy make even the most rural and suburban dwellers drive the long distance to revel in their nearest big city. Even if you life inside the city, you will cherish cityscape paintings, because they paint a picture of your daily life. Someday you will want to have a legacy of your life, when the time comes to relax after the labors of a career and look around at the culture you have displayed in your home. Wouldn’t you want a cityscape to visit in your imagination?

Cityscape paintings come in varied modes. By the nature of the geometric shapes that stand out so well in cityscapes, a piece of geometrical art would go nicely in mood and theme with your choice of subject. An odd shape such as the Sutro Tower in San Francisco could be the focal point of a cityscape, as could the Coit Tower profile, in that most of the apartment buildings and business edifices are rectangular. Anything dissimilar distinguishes itself and thus the cityscape artist would wisely choose an obtrusive shape to form a painting around. Of course, the cityscape contains plant life, too, and some city parks are green enough to qualify as an oasis in the midst of asphalt and concrete structures. Cityscapes take on a shining quality in a light rainfall or snowfall, and the nighttime city in the rain manages to look deeply mysterious, as if the alleys hide all sorts of attractions. There are other climate depictions that an artist will use in his artistic vision, such as fog, but a rainy cityscape is a classic.

Would you prefer your cityscape to be of an ancient city, such as Rome? There is no need to limit yourself to present-day cityscapes, since historical findings indicate a great deal of detail about the way that people lived in cities going all the way back to when there were first congregates of people living in what could be termed a city, most likely in ancient Mesopotamia. A unique quality of cities is that they resemble an enormous home in macrostructure: garbage collection, a system of government, a plan for growth and a means of transportation all exist in a city, the same as they do for an individual’s home. Any one of these criteria could be the subject of a cityscape, for instance a colorful city bus, decorated with advertising banners on its side as it makes its way downtown would make for a lively cityscape. Or how about where the sidewalk ends and the city loses its character even as the rural landscape takes over?

That theme would be remarkable and the artist who painted it would surely be acclaimed for his sensitivity for the poignancy depicted.

From ancient cities such as Damascus to modern-day ones such as Abu Dhabi, the remarkable thing about cities is the way that they command respect and a large number of return visits. No one, it seems, is immune to the lure of the bright city lights.


Source by Peter Dranitsin

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