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New Ways to Shoot Landscape at Night


We read from many literature pertaining to shooting landscapes at night. Things like a sturdy tripod, low ISO, small aperture, etc are inseparable for night landscape photography.

Many photographers told me that they prefer shooting cities at night. That will allow them to capture the beautiful urban lights. Not to forget light trails from moving vehicles in a busy traffic. Who will like to miss out the eye-catching neon-lit signs?

These will surely produce beautiful and attractive photographs which can very likely impress your viewers. The question is how do you differentiate yourself, if every photographer is doing and shooting the same thing?

You can consider taking night photography from a different perspective. Not necessary you will always have to include a range of buildings in the cityscape, or to have a foreground in your frame.

Why not having a longer lens to capture tighter shots? Instead of framing a series of buildings, try zooming into a particular section of the building which emits bright and beautiful lights. Such shots can be abstract and you can trigger your viewers’ curiosity.

If there is a river or a puddle of water in front of the buildings, make good use of it. Why not try shooting the reflections, capturing the lights from the buildings? Once again, you can just shoot a portion of the buildings to make your photographs unique!

I am sure your photographs will even be more attractive after rain. Make good use of raindrops on metallic surfaces or window glasses, to produce random, abstract and eye-catching photographs.

Instead of shooting light trails of cars either from ground level or on overhead bridges, try capturing light trails of double decker bus. I am sure the photographs will be even more amazing!


Source by Chin Yong Sak

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