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How Youths Can Influence Their World

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World changers are not born, they are made. It is the dream of most youths to be an influence in their world, this begins from their teenage years when they become adventurous and are seeking for identity and self respect. Many of them eventually do to the wrong way because of the wrong information they got exposed to as well as the wrong association they eventually make.

The beautiful thing is that, God has wired every human being to be unique and different in ever area, but many youths will rather be someone else than what they are wired to be and hence live there lives as mediocre. To influence your world, you have to :

1. Be yourself: You have to come to understand who you are and what you are wired to be. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Always look inward and look at your strength, your weakness your opportunities and threats as an individual even as it applies to businesses. Everyone cannot be a genius, do not try to compete with one if you are not one or you will live a complete frustrated life. Allow the genius to do the inventions while you use the inventions. Do what is in your capacity to do.

2. Network : You cannot be an Island. No one survives that way. You have to learn to associate with others and share with them. Obama could not have become the first Black American president if he had no supporters or people who worked with him. You must be able to make others a part of your plan even though the level of relationship may vary.

3. Social Service: You must be ready to start doing something that will affect your community positively in the area of your strength and knowledge. Services such as giving to charity, supporting good cause, standing up for the truth and being a model to younger ones under you. Youths who are very brilliant can give voluntary service of preparing young ones for examinations, organising tutorials for them. You offer yourself for voluntary service to the government when the government is out with programs that will make the society a better place, for example campaign against aids.

4. Be a Positive thinker: Many youths never influence their world because of negative thinking. They see nothing good in their society. Everybody is to be blamed for their unfortunate predicaments; they just want to get out from where they are to the unknown world where they feel things are much better. You cannot be a man of influence with such attitude. You have to be a positive thinker, one who is ready to take responsibility, one who is optimistic about life and walk in that consciousness.

5. Be Hardworking: There is a saying that, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Never sit down doing nothing even in your idle period. Never let your hand be found doing nothing. During your holidays, go and do a community service, a volunteer work. Read, acquire skills and add value to yourself. Hard work never kills but it rewards. Do not also keep till tomorrow what you have to do today. The help you should render today, do not let it wait until tomorrow, someone else may come and take that glory. The man who is ready to influence his world is that man that is ready to serve his world. Be that man.


Source by Caleb Odofin

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