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How To Recover From Job or Business Loss


Have you lost your job, your business, your income, or your passion for earning money? Are you feeling sad, lonely and non-productive? Do you feel that to rely on a government hand-out is just not something you want. Regardless of the political rhetoric, history proves beyond a reasonable doubt that government intervention in life doesn’t work for your benefit.

The good news is lacking money and feeling disheartened is not your reality. You can make money now, in this unprecedented economic environment; and it is not difficult.

Everyone has knowledge about something. What have you accomplished in your life that could help other people? Have you painted houses, cleaned swimming pools, or worked at a job that helped you learn a craft, or skill?

What hobbies do you have that could help people? Have you done wood- working, cooking, gardening, worked on computers, or motorcycles? Could you help someone learn how to take care of an elderly parent, or perhaps help people learn what to look for in good nursing home care?

Have you been a mortgage broker, real estate agent, or insurance agent? Could your knowledge help someone else to understand how to research and apply for a mortgage, sell, or buy real estate or even work through foreclosure or bankruptcy?

Yesterday I saw a new food truck serving coffee in the parking lot of a shopping center. It looked so inviting I stopped for a fresh cup of coffee. While the owner was getting my coffee I asked him how he got started.

Prior to this pandemic he had a lucrative job in a local business. When he was laid off from work because the company he worked for had closed he immediately started thinking about what would happen if the company could not open again.

He knew he could make a good cup of coffee. Many of his friends asked him about what he did to make his coffee taste so delicious. He did not have a coffee secret to share; but he did make a good cup of coffee.

He found an old bus for sale at a price he could afford. After weeks of working on the remodeling, his bus was ready for the coffee test. Could he actually sell his coffee? Two days after his business launched, he knew the answer was, yes.

Everyone has a story! What is your story? Do not allow fear to keep you from living your life. Think about this; how do you want to live your life? Are you really happy sitting home doing nothing, watching the fake news media. If so then you are living someone else’s life.

The question is; do you want to live your own life? Do you want fulfillment and happiness? My guess is that your answer to these questions is; yes.

Do you get the picture? Everyone has a skill, gift, or talent. Get started today. It is never too late for a new start regardless of age, stage, or condition.


Source by Patricia A Gaines

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