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Awfis Is One of the Vibrant Shared Office Spaces in Navi Mumbai

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Coworking can be a task. But if you work in a co-operative community where everyone else has similar goals, it makes it worthwhile.

Founded in 2015, Awfis is a coworking space provider, that creates affordable, tech-enabled and collaborative working environment for freelancers, professionals, startups, and small teams. Awfis has offices in 8 locations, with 8 offices in Mumbai and 2 in Pune as well as others in Hyderabad, Noida, Kolkata, Bangalore, Gurgaon and more.

Awfis is known for its beautiful office spaces, “where work meets life”. If you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur looking to build a startup, Awfis has a wide range of office spaces that cater to your needs.

Their portfolio includes

Flexible Seats: Spread across a common area to collaborate and network, for freelancers and individual working professionals.

Fixed Seats: A fully furnished dedicated desk for you and your team.

Premium Cabins: For teams of 2 to 9, customisable to suit your company’s needs.

Meeting Rooms: To host meetings and impress your clients with aesthetically designed and complimentary unlimited beverages and snacks.

Every membership comes with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, hot beverages and printing services. They also provide a platform for networking and meeting potential clients and mentors as well as organising events and fun activities.

Each Awfis office is located in accessible prime spots. Awfis provides a number of amenities

customisable to your requirements, including cost effective plans, discounts and offers as well

as networking opportunities.

A Kowrker reviewed one of the locations at Navi Mumbai and said that;

“It is one of the vibrant shared office spaces in Navi Mumbai in terms of infrastructure and the energy this place offers. Located very close to Vashi railway station and bridge, this place is a hot spot for freelancers and startup professionals. The interiors are modern, and the staff is very polite and helpful. They also arrange regular events which increase your networking and communication.”

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