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A Call to Peace: African Youth Say No to Violence

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There is a lot of talk about “Africa Rising” and the democracy as well as demographic dividends portending well for Africa. But the “Africa Rising” narrative cannot be taken for granted; there is a need for conscious moves to ensure the ripening and reaping of the aforementioned dividends.

Among the many actions and precautions to be taken care of in this vein is the assurance of peace (not only the absence of war) but a complete disavowal of violence and its concomitant repercussions.

Therefore an emerging non-violence movement is necessary. From rape to incest, other forms of domestic abuse, violence associated with the current illegal migration crisis across the Mediterranean; ethnic and religious intolerance and strife; all forms of violence should be condemned, abhorred, and mitigated en mass. There are several cohorts of our social setup that can lead such a campaign; but the youths of the African continent, being leaders at both the receiving and giving end of this menace, must be the champions.

Global macroeconomic trends and circumstances do not augur well for the welfare of African youth. Self-actualisation just might be a far-fetched dream if current trends in violence and intolerance are not abated on the continent. The challenges young people face all over the world, especially our part of the world, are huge enough even under normal circumstances; and that is why we must not allow an already tough situation to be further complication by disturbing our indispensable key to development, peace and stability.

This is all the more why African youth have the highest stake in any Campaign to eschew violence and promote peace and stability.

Let us live the Quranic injunction of making peace between our contending brothers as taught in verse 10 of Surah Hujurat; the Holy Bible equally enjoins us to keep the peace and maintain the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood by being one another’s keeper.

Let the trumpet sound then for the promotion of peace, love and harmony on the African continent. African youths have it in them to be the champions of peace, love and care on the continent and beyond. They must heed this call and say no to violence; not only that but to be vehicles and tools for peace love and harmony. As beautifully woven into the fabric of the continental hymn, the AU Anthem. Let all African youths rise together and sing and live the ethos:

“Let us all unite and sing together

To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny

Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together

For lasting peace and justice on earth”

May peace reign in our hearts, homes and communities for a bigger, better, prosperous and forever peaceful Africa


Source by Momodou Sabally

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