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Make Money With Short Reports and E-Books

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Making money online is a road to success which is paved with short reports and ebooks. These are called information products. These products are digital products, which means that they are not printed and stored in a warehouse. You can make a lot of money selling reports and ebooks in digital mode.

Why Choose Short Reports and Ebooks?

Both short reports and ebooks contain information. This information can be packaged in a mode that makes it easy for a user to download into their computer. You don’t have to bind the reports or books in a hard copy format. Therefore you don’t have to publish it with a reputable bricks and mortar publisher. You just use the pdf format for your reports and ebooks. Hence you will not incur any shipping costs. You also don’t have to rent a warehouse to stock inventory and a buy delivery van to deliver your goods to customers.

What Sort of Short Reports and Ebooks?

The short reports and ebooks that you sell must be the ones that people will need and find useful. You can make plenty of money online selling ‘how to’ ebooks and self-help reports. You could write about motivational topics, debt reduction techniques and weight loss programs. You can even inform people how to make money online. This is always a best seller.

Your reports and ebooks should ideally provide a solution to people’s problems. Thus your products should contain sufficient information that will solve the problems that people have. If you sell low quality reports and ebooks, you will get a lot of requests for refunds. Therefore you have to ensure that your short reports and ebooks give value for money as well as being interesting to read and valuable for the customers who purchase them.


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