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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You Over and Over Again

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Did you think that conquering the heart of a man seems like an art that impossible to learn? Well, although you cannot make anyone to love you if there is no spark between you, here’s some of the best tips you can use to make a man to fall in love with you.

• Be yourself in any circumstance. It is important to always be yourself, whatever the circumstances may be, even when – or especially – when you want to conquer a man’s heart. Naturalness and authenticity should be the main weapons to start the fight, because if you try to look different, you risk having him fall in love with your projection and not the real you, a situation that has no way to bring you happiness in a long-term relationship.

• Feel good about yourself. Self-confidence cannot be disguised, or counterfeited and is an aphrodisiac so great that it can make (almost) any man to fall at your feet. If you feel good about yourself, know what you want then you will find attitudes, gestures and words suitable for the spells on which you are interested.

• Take care of your appearance and look. You do not have to look like detached from the pages of a magazine or as a top fashion model to be a nice present and to curry favor with a man. All that really matters is to show that respect for oneself is high enough to be always neat. Whatever your personal style, care, attention and love for you, first, will prove “ingredients” very valuable when you want to capture his heart. That’s because the clean look denotes high self-esteem and self-confidence, both vital to make you appreciate, respect and, ultimately, to love you.

• Know how and when to listen. It is important to know how to communicate effectively with persons around you, but at least as important is the ability to play and really listen. The latter involves not only the ability to listen carefully to what the other has to say without interrupting, but also the ability to provide feedback and providing thus a high level of emotional intelligence. Learn to listen to whatever he has to say, show your interest, ask questions to learn more about a topic that is not familiar to you, show that you care by offering your support when he faces problems.These are attributes you come near, slowly but surely, and will make you fall in love head over heels.

• Flirting and be sensual. Men are more physical rather than emotional beings – therefore, to give to understand that they liked, is an excellent way to convey your intentions by touching “purely coincidental”. Flirting is also an excellent idea – let him understand that you are interested and as you draw and see what happens! If you already emerged sparks between you, your sensuality and feminine flirting will not remain unnoticed, on the contrary.

Men have different thoughts about what it means to be in love and about which implies a relationship. If you’re convinced that he’s the one for your heart, then all you have to do is to make him realize that you’re the girl or woman he’s been waiting for.


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