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Goals, Focus, and Anthony Robbins

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Long List of Goals?

Look Familiar?… get in shape, lose weight, eat healthier, get out of debt, increase your cash flow, find a job/career, find a soul mate, become an inspiration to others, publish a book, become a famous writer, travel the world…

Got Progress?

Rather than make a little progress on all of your goals, make accelerated progress on one goal. Choosing one goal helps focus your energy, so that you can take massive action.

Choosing one goal is the key to going from Floundering to Fantastic! With this focus, in just months, you will have accelerated progress. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make a decision to do something different

Step 2: Make a list of your goals

Step 3: Rank your goals, by giving the highest grade to the ones that will have the biggest impact on your life long term, as you now view your present situation.

Step 4: Chose one goal to focus on with massive action. Cut off all other non-urgent decisions and become completely unbalanced in this one area of your life.

Step 5: Use the Law of Attraction to find the right people to help, especially a mentor to guide you and hold you accountable.

Step 6: Walk your talk by taking focused daily action on your one goal.

Step 7: Measure your success periodically.

Step 8: Celebrate your success by first being grateful, and then treat yourself to something you would not normally do.

Step 9: If you are pleased with your results, continue doing whatever got you to this place. Otherwise, use your mentor to guide you to better results.

Step 10: Continue to do these steps with unbalanced focus until either it becomes no longer enjoyable or you have finally achieved whatever you originally set out to do.

Step 11: You can either…

a) Go into maintenance mode and choose another goal to focus on,

b) Figure out how to ramp it up,

c) Stop and let this part of your life die (which I am not recommending, especially if you are succeeding wildly beyond initial expectations),

d) Teach another person or mentor them on how they can achieve their goals.

Having a lot of goals is great! It indicates that you are excited about life! Or maybe that you are overwhelmed? If you have so many goals that you have become scattered and are not making progres on any of them, then take time to pause. Select your highest priority goal, and focus on just that one until you have accelerated results, using the steps above. Instead of floundering, you will be Fantastic!


Source by Frank R Johnson

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