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Finding the Best Religion in the World

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I would like to send this message out to every religion in the world. If you truly have the best religion and you know it without a doubt, how come your God hasn’t given you the ability to convince everyone that he’s superior to the others? Do your religious beliefs come from traditions that have never been questioned?

Is your religion, truly is the best or do your religious leaders fear other religious leaders and nonbelievers? How could I possibly find the best religion in the world, if every religious leader that seems to be able to communicate effectively, seems to avoid honest questions about their religion?

If your religion truly believes in love and practices compassion, while giving to the needy, why would you judge another religion as wrong? I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that most religions, fear being judged, but other religions. They easily control their followers, as mothers and fathers are replaced by their children, who often never question their religious traditions or beliefs, that have been passed down through out the ages.

If you truly have the best religion, you should be able to provide answers to almost any question and your God should have given you the ability to convince anyone, that your religion is superior to all others.

I consider myself to be a decent and honest person, if I can’t convince someone that I am right, it might not mean that I am wrong, but I am not going to avoid any questions that they have to ask me or make anything up, to prove a point.

If I can’t answer an honest question, I’m surely not going to reply, with the simple statement,” You simply need to believe” or” Everything in our religious text is true.”

Organized religion shouldn’t be afraid to answer any questions and provide answers that makes sense. That’s probably the reason why there’s not just one religion, because the religious leaders can’t make total sense out of their religious scriptures.


Source by Gregory Vanden Berge


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