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Amber Gemstone

Amber is an organic semi-precious stone that isn’t actually a mineral but rather the hardened resin of ancient trees. It comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, brown, red, black, blue, and green, among… Read More »Amber Gemstone

Ametrine Gemstone

Natural, semi-precious ametrine is a gemstone with two colours that belongs to the quartz mineral family. It is thought to be a combination of amethyst and citrine, with purple and orange bands on the crystal. This gemstone is recommended… Read More »Ametrine Gemstone

Andalusite Gemstone

The lovely colours of olive green to brick red are displayed in fine detail by the bright pleochroism of andalusite. Beautiful jewellery is frequently created using this lovely combination of the two minerals kyanite and… Read More »Andalusite Gemstone

Ammolite Gemstone

Ammolite is an organic gemstone that resembles opal that evolved from crushed ammonite sea creatures over a period of almost 70 million years. Meaning of Ammolite Gemstone The sea organism Ammonite, which got its name from the… Read More »Ammolite Gemstone

Alexandrite Gemstones

The Chrysoberyl mineral family includes the extremely rare variety of gemstone known as alexandrite. The most valuable gemstone in the world is called Alexandrite, after the Czar of Russia, Alexander II. This alluring stone is renowned for showing… Read More »Alexandrite Gemstones

Alexandrite Cat’s Eye

Chrysoberyl Cats eye and Alexandrite Cats eye are the two most well-known Chrysoberyl gems, and Alexandrite Cats eye is a unique gemstone from the Chrysoberyl family that exhibits both of their distinctive optical properties. Due to its rarity in… Read More »Alexandrite Cat’s Eye

What Are Gemstones?

For use in jewelry or other human adornments, gemstones are minerals, rocks, or organic materials that have been selected for their appeal, toughness, and rarity. Although the majority of gemstones are quite hard, some are too soft… Read More »What Are Gemstones?